Having firm faith in God is a blessing.

Allahumma Khir li Wa ‘khtar li

"Oh Allah, choose and select for me (The better of the two things)." - Tirmidhi It's not easy to understand and accept that some things and people are simply not meant to be yours. Sometimes tough situations bring us closer to ourselves and help us realize that in order to live an authentic life we need to break away from people who are emotional vampires and constantly transfer their negativity to you, and take your energy. By letting go of those things, mindsets, and people who don’t add value to our lives, we can let our true selves shine. This dua was shared with me when I needed it the most. I'm so blessed to have such people in my life, who are always there for me. Having firm faith in God is a blessing; to trust Him to lead you, and show you the right way. In Arabic, this concept is called Tawakkul, which refers to the act of entrusting your matters to Al-Wakil - The Most Trustworthy. Once you realize the importance of Tawakkul, you stop looking for peace in all the wrong places and from the wrong people. You are no longer dependent on others to give you validation and to prove your worth, you find peace within yourself.

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