Samra Masood

     Glass Calligraphy is a distinctive and intricate collection of paintings that feature calligraphy and abstract designs with a stained glass effect. 

     Skillfully handcrafted by the artist Samra Masood, each painting incorporates elegant calligraphy painted onto glass, highlighted with a range of textural backgrounds and intricate border styles. Her Asian and Islamic heritage, love for stained glass and education in Islamic history brings a distinctive look to her art pieces. Samra works closely with glass, mirrors, and mixed-media, incorporates geometry, biomorphic and Islamic patterns, with Arabic calligraphy and abstract design on glass and mirror. The creation of these works is both a therapeutic and a spiritual process. 

      The perfect gift or thank you, Glass Calligraphy can seal your favorite message, quote or spiritual passage forever in time. Finished with a beautiful frame and imbued with good luck, browse our unique selection online.